Our Clinic

Motion ChiroTherapy was started with the vision of providing the Fishhawk and Valrico areas with unparalleled service and individual results. 

Our goal is to not only help you feel better and become pain-free, but to empower every individual to start living healthier, more functional lives.

We offer an innovative and advanced integrated approach to provide patients with the highest standard of nonsurgical care. 

Dr. Robert Lutz

Dr. Robert Lutz is a chiropractor originally from Chicago, but moved to the Tampa Bay area to be closer to family.He attended Northeastern Illinois University, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology, then earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences (NUHS).

During his studies at NUHS, he was a graduate teaching assistant in the anatomy department, student vice president of Sigma Phi Kappa Fraternity, member of the Motion Palpation club and student president of the sports rehabilitation club.

Dr. Lutz has attended over 300 hours of advance post-graduate coursework, that includes Motion Palpation Institute, Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation (DNS), Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (McKenzie), and the GRIP Approach.

In his free time, he enjoys time with his wife, Maria, and their three kids, fishing, playing sports and outdoor activities.

“I’m excited to serve the Fishhawk & Valrico communities which have been so welcoming to my family and myself.”

Certifications & Training

  • Motion Palpation
  • Full Spine Analysis & Adjustive Technique
  • Extremities Analysis & Adjustive Technique
  • The Disc
  • Lower Dynamic Movement Assessment
  • Upper Dynamic Movement Assessment
  • Full Spine
  • Pregnancy and Pediatrics
  • GRIP Approach (Sagittal Plane)
  • GRIP Approach (Coronal Plane)
  • GRIP Approach (Transverse Plane)
  • MDT (Lumbar Spine)
  • MDT (Cervical and Thoracic Spine)
  • MDT (Advance Lumbar Spine and Lower Extremities)
  • MDT (Advance Cervical Spine and Upper Extremities)

Dr. Bob is exceptionally attentive to patient issues, concerns and condition changes. He is very good about explaining his plan, next steps and care objectives. He was very sensitive to how my teenage daughter was initially nervous about his treatment, and immediately assuaged her anxiety and built confidence in the care he provided. His continuous humor, mixed appropriately with serious and focused dialogue with the patient, and in my case a parent, made for an exceptional treatment experience. Highly recommend!


I had shoulder pain for 4-5 months, I couldn't lift anything or sleep on that shoulder. Someone suggested Motion ChiroTherapy. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was super hesitant. But it was the BEST DECISION ever! After 8 short visits, I had full range of motion and no pain. Amazing. I would highly recommend giving them a try.


I am so happy with my results. I had major back surgery over three years ago and had many issues with pain and limited movement. Dr. Bob Lutz corrected two problems after just one treatment. I really can't say enough good things about him. I just finished my second treatment and again he made improvements for me and has given me a plan to continue and maintain my physical health. He has given me my ability to walk pain free for the first time since my surgery!

- W.W.