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Motion ChiroTherapy was started with the vision of providing the Fishhawk and Valrico areas with unparalleled service and individual results. 

Our goal is to not only help you feel better and become pain-free, but to empower every individual to start living healthier, more functional lives.

We offer an innovative and advanced integrated approach to provide patients with the highest standard of nonsurgical care. 

Dr. Robert Lutz

Dr. Robert Lutz is a chiropractor originally from Chicago, but moved to the Tampa Bay area to be closer to family.He attended Northeastern Illinois University, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology, then earned a Doctorate in Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences (NUHS).

During his studies at NUHS, he was a graduate teaching assistant in the anatomy department, student vice president of Sigma Phi Kappa Fraternity, member of the Motion Palpation club and student president of the sports rehabilitation club.

Dr. Lutz has attended over 300 hours of advance post-graduate coursework, that includes Motion Palpation Institute, Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation (DNS), Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (McKenzie), and the GRIP Approach.Patriot project chiropractic care

In his free time, he enjoys time with his wife, Maria, and their three kids, fishing, playing sports and outdoor activities.

“I’m excited to serve the Fishhawk & Valrico communities which have been so welcoming to my family and myself.”

Certifications & Training

Motion Palpation

  • Full Spine Analysis & Adjustive Technique
  • Extremities Analysis & Adjustive Technique
  • The Disc
  • Lower Dynamic Movement Assessment
  • Upper Dynamic Movement Assessment
  • Full Spine
  • Pregnancy and Pediatrics
  • GRIP Approach (Sagittal Plane)
  • GRIP Approach (Coronal Plane)
  • GRIP Approach (Transverse Plane)
  • MDT (Lumbar Spine)
  • MDT (Cervical and Thoracic Spine)
  • MDT (Advance Lumbar Spine and Lower Extremities)
  • MDT (Advance Cervical Spine and Upper Extremities)

“Dr. Lutz is a life saver! When I went to see him I could barely walk and could not stand up straight from sciatica and back issues due to pregnancy. I was in constant pain and nothing was working to relieve the pain. After one session with Dr. Lutz I felt immediately better and walked out with no issues. He has continued to help me throughout my pregnancy with any issues that come up and it’s because of him I can be a functioning mom and human! His professionalism was spot on and I can tell he has genuine care for his patients.

-M.M. (Teacher)

“I had struggled with low back pain for years before seeing Dr. Lutz. He took the time to get to know me, and get to the bottom of my issue. Dr. Lutz not only got me out of pain, but he taught me several exercises to keep the pain from coming back!


I am a runner who went to see Dr. Lutz for shin pain, which I thought were shin splints, but after assessing my gait and and other movements Dr. Lutz explained that I had some faulty movement mechanics. He gave me some quick exercises for my feet, knees and hips, and I haven’t had pain since! He also treated me for headaches with neck exercises and corrected my posture. Dr. Lutz was great, knowledgeable, and now I’m pain free! Thanks Dr. Lutz!

- A.B.

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Certifications & Training

Motion Palpation

  • Full Spine Analysis & Adjustive Technique

McKenzie Method

  • Lumbar Spine
  • Cervical and Thoracic Spine
  • Advanced Lumbar Spine and Lower Extremities
  • Advanced Cervical Spine and Upper Extremities

Dr. Morgan Price

Dr. Morgan Price is a chiropractor originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, but spent most of her life growing up in Ohio. She attended Bowling Green State University where she graduated a semester early, cum laude with her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Health Science. She then earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences.

During her time at National, she was a graduate teaching assistant for Neuroanatomy for almost 2 years and additionally served on the board of the female adjusting club on campus. Some of her most passionate work comes from her continued involvement with the American Chiropractic Association, volunteering to lead committees involved with membership initiatives, regularly attending ACA national conferences focused on evidence-based chiropractic medicine, as well as advocating on Capitol Hill to members of Congress for issues such as veteran access to chiropractic care.

For her chiropractic clerkship, she spent 7 months at Bay Pines VA Medical Center evaluating and treating veterans in pain, including managing a wide-variety of complicated cases. She was able to observe a number of specialities including: spine surgery, pain management procedures, prosthetic fittings in the amputee clinic, mental health, and many days shadowing various aspects of physical therapy.

Some of her favorite volunteer experience includes assessing and triaging triathlon athletes from around the world participating in the 2018 ITU Paratriathlon and Triathlon World Cup in Sarasota as part of the emergency medical staff. She was able to work with high-performance amputee, paraplegic, and vision-impaired athletes.

Dr. Price has taken advanced post-graduate coursework in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie), as well as the Motion Palpation Institute.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, skiing, golfing, and yoga.

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