What is a StemWave?

Without getting too technical, StemWave is an FDA listed medical device that utilizes harmless, yet powerful acoustic waves to activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. This non-invasive treatment option was designed to help patients dealing with musculoskeletal conditions related to pain and inflammation.

How Does StemWave Work?

When these waves penetrate damaged tissue or areas of inflammation, it activates a natural response within the body as if a new injury has occurred. This immediately kickstarts the biological healing process by sending healing agents to help reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue in the injured area. Ultimately, the goal of this treatment is to “awaken” dormant cells that are critical for healing – without the need for invasive procedures or medication.


Common Treatment Areas

  • Neck & BackUpper
  • Extremities (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist)
  • Lower Extremities (Knee, Ankle, Foot)
  • Soft Tissue Injuries (Muscles, Tendons, etc.)

Benefits of StemWave Treatment

Why StemWave is becoming the go-to option for non-invasive pain relief…

  • Non-Invasive & Drug-Free: Powerful treatment option without invasive procedures or medications.
  • Natural Healing: StemWave helps activate and recruit dormant cells to heal and repair naturally.
  • Decrease Inflammation: Helps to reduce pain and increase range of motion
  • Increase Circulation: Important for recruiting cells and healing agents to an injured area.
  • Quick Treatments: Treatments are performed in less than 10-minutes.
  • No Recovery Time: Unlike invasive procedures, there is no downtime necessary after each visit.
  • No Negative Side-Effects: StemWave offers a safe treatment option, without the risk of side-effects.

What to Expect

The First Visit (Consultation & Treatment)

Our doctor will conduct an interactive consultation to discuss more about StemWave, your goals, and expectations regarding your specific case. At the start of the treatment, we utilize the device as a diagnostic tool over the injured area to identify the primary location(s) of pain. Once located, we focus the remainder of treatment towards that area to ensure we maximize the positive biological effects. The treatment itself can be conducted in less than 10 minutes.

Subsequent Treatments (Care Plans)

Although some patients feel immediate improvement after their first visit, this is not a “one and done” treatment solution. Subsequent treatments are required to further the process of healing and achieve lasting results. Based on your specific goals & expectations provided, our doctor will put together a recommended care plan that best suits your needs.

Care plans commonly range between 8-12 sessions. Patients typically experience significant progress after 3-4 treatments, however, we often see a noticeable improvement after the first treatment. Subsequent treatments that follow will offer continual improvement and sustained results.

Does Treatment Hurt?

When we are trying to identify damaged tissue or inflammation, we will move the treatment source around the injured area. When the waves from the treatment source penetrate healthy tissue, you won’t feel much of anything. However, when the waves hit damaged tissue, you will experience manageable pain or discomfort – but not of intensity that requires numbing cream or anesthetic.

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