Dynamic Stretching

By June 4, 2022Uncategorized

Research shows that static stretching (stretching with movement) si the best post play and the dynamic stretching (stretching with movement) is the most effective in warm-ups.

Static stretching consists of stretching isolated muscles or muscle groups for 15-30 seconds. While dynamic stretching is more active and focused on joint mobility. WHether you’re warming up before a big game or looking for exercises to relieve chronic pain, a dynamic stretching routine will provide many benefits.

The National Strength and Conditioning Foundation (NSCA) recommends dynamic stretch prior to any physical activity, because it actively prepares the muscles , warms up the body and takes the muscles through theru full range of motion.

Dynamic stretch challenges your muscles and will allow you to perform better on teh field or in everyday life. Stretch hlep you recover faster after play, reduces soreness and prepares you for the next time you area active.

Dynamic Stretch = Better Performance